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General Information

  • Project Name: La Capitale Restaurant
  • Project Type: Food & Beverage / Hospitality
  • Project Duration: 7 Months
  • Total Construction Area: 1150 sqm

Project Overview: Located on the 1st floor in the Four Seasons Hotel, La Capitale is a first-class French restaurant that welcomes its customers not only with succulent food but also with an outstanding architectural spectacle. The coherence between the food, the atmosphere, and the overall appearance at La Capitale must meet the expectations of the Four Seasons’ esteemed customers and must leave them with delight. More information can be found in the following link: La Capitale

The Challenge | Restrictions vs Time vs Quality

… Do Not Disturb!

The construction of La Capitale took place while the Four Seasons Hotel was fully operational. AJC had to incorporate special equipment and extraordinary procedures to ensure that the hotel’s customers are not disturbed. With its renowned reputation in hospitality, the Four Seasons cannot accept any compromise in customers’ satisfaction and comfort. AJC had strict working hours with limited access and peculiar conditions. For AJC to be able to commit to the hotel’s requirements, flawless planning and seamless coordination had to be maintained at all times during the construction period to ensure that a comprehensive scope of construction works including water and electrical shut downs go by unnoticed never disturbing the customers.

Time is Money…

Unlike villa construction where the top priority for all parties involved is to encompass the client’s ever-changing needs for comfort and satisfaction, in restaurant construction the top priority is to get up and running! Every day that delays the official opening translates to revenue lost. La Capitale management team understood this and set up a large marketing campaign and scheduled several high profile events to take place months before the construction works had been completed. This put AJC under immense pressure to meet the project’s scheduled finish date forcing AJC to deploy 24/7 shifts for 3 months. With a comprehensive scope of works including demolition, civil, metals, wood, finishing and MEP along with materials sourced internationally and despite all the restrictions enforced by the hotel, AJC were able to deliver and handed over the project on time. A nearly impossible task, La Capitale became operational in just 7 months!

Only The Best!

Despite immense pressure to meet the hand over deadline, large delay penalties, comprehensive and complicated scope of work and strict hotel working conditions, AJC would not compromise on the quality of work. Customers at La Capitale can enjoy beautiful finishing work with attention even to the finest details. This is where AJC stands out among contractors. An example of this can be seen in the dazzling marble flooring works. AJC had to procure marble and cut into small pieces using waterjet cutters to form spectacular patterns that combine seamlessly to create a stunning atmosphere. Certain patterns ended up costing AJC more than 1000JD/sqm to tile! Being able to absorb extreme pressure and phenomenal circumstances without compromising quality is a distinctive advantage held exclusively by AJC.


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