Ammoun Jordan Construction

Ammoun Jordan Construction
With a focus on exquisite architecture, superior construction and unsurpassed engineering services, Ammoun Jordan Construction (AJC) is a company developing award-winning projects and providing impeccable services to our select clients to whom excellence, reliability and elegance are essential.

Since the company’s establishment in 1984 it has participated in the construction of a vast range of projects, fueled by a passion that goes beyond construction. With a legacy of technical excellence and superior service, AJC has become a leader in the construction of luxury residences, green and community projects, hospitals, financial institutions, private offices and specialized projects. Over the years, the undertaking of projects serving the diplomatic, public, health, education and culture sectors had been crowned by the honor of executing several Royal projects.

"We aim to be recognized as contractors of excellence." Elias

While our professional family members enjoy celebrated expertise in diverse areas, their performance is driven by a shared and well honored goal; to uplift the standards and raise the caliber of the construction service to unprecedented heights, ultimately leaving a unique and permanent mark in the construction industry in Jordan.

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