About AJC Group

With a focus on exquisite architecture, superior construction and unsurpassed engineering services, Ammoun Jordan Construction (AJC) is a company developing award-winning projects and providing impeccable services to our select clients to whom excellence, reliability and elegance are essential.

"We aim to be recognized as contractors of excellence." Elias
While our professional family members enjoy celebrated expertise in diverse areas, their performance is driven by a shared and well honored goal; to uplift the standards and raise the caliber of the construction service to unprecedented heights, ultimately leaving a unique and permanent mark in the construction industry in Jordan.

Since the company's establishment in 1984 it has participated in the construction of a vast range of projects, fueled by a passion that goes beyond construction. With a legacy of technical excellence and superior service, AJC has become a leader in the construction of luxury residences, green and community projects, hospitals, financial institutions, private offices and specialized projects. Over the years, the undertaking of projects serving the diplomatic, public, helath, education and culture sectors had been crowned by the honor of executing several Royal projects.

The Rise

With the commitment to introduce change, foster quality and operate by the highest moral standards and in rough economic times, Ammar and Elias, two young entrepreneurs, took up the challenge of establishing a first-class construction company in Jordan. In 1984, AJC was born under the former name of Ammoun Maintenance & Contracting Company. It has a modest but solid beginning.

AJC started out in 1984 with several small scale projects. Change came in 1985 when AJC took on its first “big” project; Abdullah & Lamia Sati’s home, an architectural masterpiece by the renowned Rasem Badran.

In 1986, AJC constructed several small works for the Royal Hashemite Court which eventually lead to its first Royal project in Basman Palace; H.M. the late King Hussein’s private office. AJC has since been repeatedly honored by taking on construction projects for H.M. King Abdullah II and H.M. Queen Rania, H.M. Queen Noor, H.R.H. Prince Al-Hassan, H.R.H. Prince Faisal, H.R.H. Princess Alia Al-Hussein, H.R.H. Princess Aisha and the Royal Hashemite Court.

The 90’s saw further development and maturity of AJC. Numerous projects were constructed by the AJC team, of those perhaps the SOS Children Village at Aqaba stands out the most.

In 1993 through 1996, Engineer Elias was entrusted with the establishment of a new Children Village in Al-Batroun, Lebanon, and assumed full responsibility from the design stage to completion of construction. In the words of the SOS Kinderdort President, the village was “one of the most successful villages worldwide.”

In 1995, the Company’s services were expanded with the establishment of an in-house electromechanical department, transforming AJC into a professional entity offering complete turn-key projects. AJC takes pride in this concept as it represents a move towards achieving excellence with minimal dependence on outsourcing, ensuring full control of all essential aspects of the art of “building”.

In 1997, this sought-after company was invited to receive the International Construction Award in Madrid, Spain, where AJC was recognized as a provider of excellence in its field and was the first Jordanian construction company to receive such acknowledgment.

With a focus on developing its niche in the construction industry in Jordan, AJC worked tirelessly to build on its clientele’s special individuality. Along the journey of the Company’s sustained growth, AJC marked the history of confidence building in the construction industry where assurance is always perceived as an asset.

AJC underwent a major three-year rebranding and restructuring program. Initiated in 2010 with the launching of the new corporate name Ammoun Jordan Construction, the restructuring program aimed at preparing the company to face the challenges of the future and now continues its journey as a registered, limited-liability, private-shareholding company, officially-classified as Grade One General Building Contractor, Grade One Maintenance Contractor and Grade One Electromechanical Contractor.